Easyspace System Status

Telehouse North: Core Network Maintenance

As part of our commitment to quality and continual improvement, we will be carrying out core network maintenance on our routing infrastructure within the Telehouse North (THN) datacentre to allow for additional network capacity and further growth. What will happen?

Our engineering team will be migrating services off our Catalyst 7613 series router and onto our high-end Cisco ASR9912 series router to match the needs of today’s network whilst allowing for future growth.

The following datacentres will be affected by these moves: London (DC2); Telehouse East (THE) and Equinix (LD8).

All traffic will be re-routed away from the affected router(s) whilst the works are carried out. Customers should consider this maintenance window as AT-RISK. When will the work be carried out?

The maintenance work will begin at 23:00 (BST) on Tuesday 16th July 2019 and last for 3 hours until 02:00 (BST) on Wednesday 17th July 2019. Who will be completing the work?

All of the work will be completed by our experienced iomart network and infrastructure team. Will I experience downtime?

As with any upgrade or maintenance work the risk profile of the platform is increased, however this maintenance has been classified as LOW-RISK and NON-SERVICE IMPACTING. We do not expect any loss of service during this period however; there may be periods of high latency during the maintenance window.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this work, please contact our support team